Expressive and Creative Arts Bio

Raw Self Portrait Sculpture back sideLaura is an expressive and creative arts facilitator who earned her CAGS degree in Expressive and Creative Arts at Salve Regina University. She is also a member of the Global Network of Expressive Art Facilitators and has a Hospice Volunteer Certificate. Laura uses a multi-modal approach to the expressive and creative arts process by integrating image making, writing, movement, and sound with a variety of hands-on experiential exercises.

Mission Statement

My role as a expressive and creative arts facilitator is similar to a midwifes’. I will help guide you on your own unique journey of self-discovery by exploring different techniques and exercises which help explore the intuitive, imagistic right side of the brain to enrich your life, pursue innovative solutions, and develop spiritual connection in a relaxed, safe, supportive, and encouraging atmosphere. The primary focus is working with the flow of the creative process, which allows you to connect more deeply with yourself in a unique, powerful, and quiet way. This inner landscape can lead to experiences of joyful transformation, awaken creative spirit, remembered playfulness, and open a fuller expression of authentic self by nurturing your spirit. Through undemanding exercises, including simple writing, easy image making, gentle body movement, and experiencing sounds you can get in touch with your core self moving toward wholeness, healing, and well-being. No artistic or creative skill is necessary. Your only requirement is simply bringing your willingness to be open and explore.

Balancing Bird

Working with individuals and groups has allowed me to introduce individuals to expressive methods enabling them to self-discover, recognize and re-energize their strengths. Examples of session and workshop themes are: stress management, anger management, conflict resolution, expressing feelings constructively not destructively, self-empowerment, creative enhancement, and self-discovery. I feel honored to teach people these valuable tools towards living their authentic lives!

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