Expressive Arts

Expressive and creative arts is a holistic therapeutic process in which creative and/or art exercises are used to express emotions and feelings through an inner dialogue of the heart (right side of brain) and mind (left side of brain). The process uses imagery, sound, movement, and writing to access and release emotions while guiding you toward a calmer, more peaceful and productive perspective. The expressive arts can help you find answers to personal questions, conflicts, and uncertainties by bypassing the cognitive mind’s critical judgment and focusing on what your inner essence is telling you, which enables self-discovery. (you know, those ah ha moments or sometimes seemingly simple subtle shifts, which can be so powerful.) Expressing feeling and emotions through creative arts has been proven to boost the immune system by releasing blocked energy, thus facilitating healing.

Accessing and Releasing Emotions Drawing by Catherine

Transforming Emotions Drawing by Catherine

Discovering Pathways to Creative Expression Workshop- Masks

Hidden Gifts of Remembrance: Revealing Pathways to Express Grief Workshop. Sculpture made by Jen H

Discovering Pathways to Creative Expression Workshop- Masks

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