Art Instruction

I approach art instruction and teaching painting with each student individually, so they can paint freely, at their own level, and paint a subject fitting their skills and needs. I talk with each new student before they receive art instruction to get a feel for what they would like to accomplish. This enables me to help guide towards their own unique creative strategies. For each session I do give an optional assignment or challenge for those students who want more direction and/or to discover a new technique. Often the class works on diverse paintings with a few participating in the assignment/challenge. My classes are sprinkled with beginners, intermediates, and beyond students. Each class contains a relaxed, supportive, and encouraging atmosphere enabling you to find your own distinctive pathway to oil painting.

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Art Complex Museum's Exhibit For My Students

Art Complex Museum Class

Art Complex Museum Class

View From My Marshfield Studio

Oil Painting Workshop In My Studio

In my studio with an exceptionally talented bunch of students at their reception.